Looking for New Industry Icons

Over at Supply Chain Digest, Dan Gilmore opines that he's tired of hearing the same Wal-Mart and Dell supply chain success stories all the time. Dan, I couldn't echo the same sentiment more clearly. I agree that we need new success stories in the public eye. But to that I would add that we need a balance of some that are more operationally focused while others that are more procurement and design driven. To your list of IBM, Cisco, Zara, Tesco, The Limited Brands, Frito-Lay, Canadian Tire, Ashley Furniture, and Wegmans, I might also toss in some other names. In no particular order, UTC, Boeing, Target, Emerson, GSK, HP and Sun would be good candidates to start with -- both for their willingness to push the limit of expectations as well as their ability to implement results and transform markets. Many of these companies have been stealthy and quiet about their successes, not wanting to draw attention to what they've done right. But their stories both individually and collectively are what inspire all of us to drive the Spend Management movement forward.

Jason Busch

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