Boeing: Supplier Relationships Our Single Biggest Differentiator

Here's a useful little tidbit from Geraint John at Supply Management, referring to a statement at Procurecon from Norma Clayton, Vice President of Global Sourcing Effectiveness at Boeing, that "strategic supplier partnerships may form the backbone of Boeing's success over the next five years." According to Clayton and Supply Management, "collaboration with suppliers 'could be the single biggest differentiator in competitive advantage', as it seeks to extend its lead over crisis-hit European rival Airbus and other big players in the industry." Now, I have do doubt that Boeing is cashing in some PR chips with statements like this, getting in a series of right hooks while its opponent is backed into the corner. But if you dig below the surface, Boeing has material risk elements in their supply chain as well (it does not make the headlines, but nothing is as simple as it seems). Still, at least the venerable A&D prime has spent a huge amount of time and effort thinking through how to best manage their supplier relationships while actively managing supply risk. For some more concrete examples of what they're up to, check out some of my previous posts on Boeing's activities here, here, and here

Jason Busch

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