Recruiting a Supply Base to Build a Nuke

Last weekend, I had the chance to relax and read for the first time in months without work, kids, or a high speed connection to ruin the moment. One piece I caught up with was in The Atlantic Monthly, a somewhat self-consciously literary number which tends to be too self-righteous and snooty for my more current pedestrian tastes (which have gone down hill ever since I consumed Pittsburgh drinking water on a regular basis). But still, despite the ever decreasing number of brain cells in my noggin, I was memorized while reading a feature-length story in the magazine about how A. Q. Khan, the brain behind Pakistan's entire nuclear program, was able to work with a distributed network of suppliers throughout Europe and the rest of the world to build a functioning weapons system. If you're an Atlantic Subscriber (not that I'd recommend it in general), you can read the full piece by clicking here. Otherwise, check it out the next time you're at the library or when you're visiting the house of a social climbing friend that subscribes to it. I have no doubt that North Korea and Iran will have "Khans of their own" when the story of their nuclear weapons programs are finally told.

Jason Busch

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