The Spammer's Summit

I'm all for self-promotion -- especially for worthwhile causes or events -- but the number of emails that I've gotten in my inbox from Aberdeen promoting the CPO's Summit is out of control. Without question, I've gotten more invitation announcements this past week from the event promoters than I've had offers to buy discount Viagra. Seriously, it's out of control. Now, I will admit that last year's event was great, albeit that was back in the Tim Minahan and Kevin Fitzgerald days. This year, Aberdeen has assembled a new cast of analysts to serve as maestros of ceremony. How will it go off? The speaker list looks solid and there's moderate vendor support / sponsorship. But all of the familiar Aberdeen faces are gone. On the flip side, at least the old hands at Purchasing are involved. So in my book, the verdict is out. But please, cut back on the amount of spam, guys. As lead generation experts, you should know that you don't attract C- or VP-level Spend Management executives by pitching them like a used car salesman trying to offload a Pinto.

Jason Busch

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