Learning More About Reverse Auctions: EU Style

I've got to say, reverse auctions and e-sourcing have not caught the spotlight of late, despite a great blog dedicated to the subject. But with new EU rules governing their use, as well as advances in advanced negotiation capabilities and greater adoption inside organizations, it has never been more important to stay current on the subject. Trading Partners, a UK-based Spend Management firm, has published two recent whitepapers on reverse auctions which you can read here and here (no registration required). The second paper, in particular, is of particular note because it explains the types of reverse auctions that fit within the EU directive. Personally, I find it humorous that any governing body would seek to regulate the use of reverse auctions across individual nations who can -- and should -- set their own standards, even in the public sector. Seriously, don't the paper pushers in Brussels have anything better to do? At the same time, I'm not suggesting that the EU can learn anything from the US Federal sector contracting for that matter, given our government's reputation for no-bid hand outs and affirmitive action dole-outs.

Jason Busch

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