European Leaders Starts a Blog

In my view, the best thing about the blogosphere is the low barrier to entry for anyone -- or any organization -- to get started. Combinenet, Iasta, and Procuri represent but a few vendors in the technology and services world who have started their own blogs. And the rumor is that the procurement and supply chain trade pubs will be coming into the blogging game at some point as well (the more the merrier, in my book). Earlier this fall European Leaders added a new blog to the mix focused on the European procurement scene. Their approach to blogging is to recruit a number of authors to contribute to their centralized effort. Procuri's Tim Minahan, Haydn Jones (an A.T. Kearney consultant), Christopher Barrat (an independent thought leader in the sector), and Chicago's own services Spend Management expert Jai Shekhawat are all listed as contributing bloggers. The early content is a bit all over the map from a variety perspective, but I suspect that the authors will settle into a more focused grove based on their own interests, provided they are actively managed by a centralized editor. In my experience, managing a group of bloggers is a bit like herding cats, but it's certainly possible. So keep up the good work guys. I'll be checking in quite often to read the latest. Perhaps you might even lower your standards and let me contribute from time to time as well!

Jason Busch

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