Purchasing Pens a Puff Piece for Staples

I was disappointed after reading the headline of this piece in Purchasing to find out that the article contained an infomercial for Staples rather than tackling the true juicy subject matter it could have. For identify theft and security are topics that all procurement organizations should care about. And not just from a tactical buying perspective, ensuring that employees have personal shredders on every desktop, but from a corporate security and compliance one.

So what should the article have tackled with such an intriguing title? In my view, the concept of securing procurement and operations data, ensuring only that the right set of eyes have access to content at the right time, is much more interesting, especially in a multi-enterprise environment which requires companies to share proprietary information with different tiers of suppliers. How that information -- such as prints, drawings, and volume data, not to mention financial information -- is accessed and stored is of critical importance. Unfortunately, most existing product design, sourcing, procurement and supply chain technologies would receive a grade of F when it comes to ensuring the security of information in this type of global environment. But the good news is that there are some emerging capabilities on the horizon which target the security (including identity and content management) issue head on. And as you might guess, it's not coming from the big guys.

Jason Busch

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