A Fourth Sponsor Is Coming Onboard!

I'm very excited to announce that a fourth Spend Matters sponsor will be coming on board. The final details are still being worked out, but I anticipate that they'll be officially joining us in the next week. I committed to the earlier sponsors to limit the number of lead sponsor slots to four. And I'll be keeping that commitment. So given that Spend Matters has reached the current sponsor limit, my entire blogging focus from here on out will be on keeping the content fresh (both RSS and soon-to-be-released podcasts) and building the Spend Matters community. In that regard, you'll be seeing some new things from Spend Matters in the coming months as we begin take the Spend Management community concept to a new level, moving past just my written and spoken words. And when sponsor slots open up, I'll be sure to mention it on these virtual pages as well!

Jason Busch

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