Introducing the "Migratory Supply Chain"

So what's a migratory supply chain, you ask? Check out the discussion and definition of the concept of a migratory supply chain at DC Velocity. The article introduces how, "the idea of the migratory supply chain is epitomized by the one operated by Sun Microsystems. Sun specializes in complex, often uniquely configured, systems with many components, individually sourced in different low-cost locales. Any given order, therefore, will have a different supply chain profile from other orders."

In my view, the concept of a one-off supply chain creating and dissembling to meet the needs smaller and ever changing orders and product runs holds beyond just logistics, distribution and warehousing (the focus of the article). In fact, from a sourcing and direct procurement standpoint, manufacturers of all sizes will increasingly need to understand how best to manage migratory supply chains as a rule versus the exception. Certainly, what will separate out the laggards from the leaders in this regard will be the level of supply chain and multi-tier supplier visibility a company has, not to mention its ability to understand and manage supplier performance -- and risk -- effectively and continuously. Because in a migratory supply chain environment, the ability to identify and actively manage a highly integrated supply base that can meet or exceed price, quality, delivery, and performance targets will be essential.

Jason Busch

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