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Kudos to Jean-Philippe Massin, the CEO of Eutilia, for sticking with his relatively new blog, Strategic Sourcing – Europe. I just discovered it recently, but already I'm finding that it includes suggestions that even non-European practitioners will find useful (e.g., offering a quantitative approach on how best to estimate the duration of a reverse auction). And from a European Spend Management perspective specifically, the blog is invaluable.

In my view, as more and more practitioners and vendors start blogging, I suspect that we'll see a shift in how everyone in the space researches Spend Management topics, especially from a jumping off perspective. No longer will they go to the analysts or the trades necessarily -- or other subscription content available to them -- as a first step, but they'll check their RSS gatekeepers who each offer a slightly different filter on the world. While I'm hoping Spend Matters stays on the list of many in their researching efforts, I'm beginning to think about ways it could serve as a useful jumping off point -- and an expert filter -- for researching other sources of related information as well. If you have an idea on how Spend Matters could better help in your Spend Management research efforts -- from locating and analyzing commodity market information to investigating software provider's offerings -- please drop me a line @ I'd love to hear about your ideas.

Jason Busch

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