A New "Must Read" For Those Sourcing From or Operating in China

In my view, the boom of trade publications in the past two decades has been rather outrageous in IT circles (and this is not a knock on those in the operations and procurement worlds). Rather, I find it fascinating how the larger publishers can each justify half a dozen titles which try to reach the CIO in a slightly different way (and can get advertisers to pay for the nuances of each). In contrast, in our corner of the technology and process world, I believe there's a dearth of good trade content out there because there's simply too much ground to cover well. That's why I was ecstatic to learn that there's a new English-language trade publication out dedicated to looking at procurement and supply chain issues within China. Even though the first issue of CHaINA is a bit thin, I have high hopes for the content that future editions will showcase. And despite the size of the inaugural issue, I'd still put it in the must read category simply because there's not enough content out there that specifically tackles the Spend Management challenges and opportunities of doing business in China.

Jason Busch

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