Who Wants to be a Blogger?

Consider this post an open invitation to anyone who would like to submit a guest blog (for publication over the weekends and on holidays) to Spend Matters. My goal here is to increase the frequency and quality of material for times when the blog is currently static. So here is some basic information and ground rules for submission if you'd like to get a weekend or holiday slot.

1) A submission is no guarantee of publication, but I will get back to you within a few business days if I plan to use the content and the approximate dates of posting.

2) To increase the chance of publication, I would encourage material that is first person, has a strong perspective, is well written, and is not an "infomercial" for products or services. Also, keep submissions between 500 and 700 words tops (shorter is fine, too) to maximize the chance that I'll use them.

3) Don't limit yourself to technology, process, and related topics -- Spend Management and supply chain related economic and political commentary on world affairs is most welcome!

4) Submissions which are already in blog-ready HTML format will make my life easier and increase the chance of faster publication (drop me a line if you'd like an example of what this looks like!)

5) Guest bloggers will grant www.spendmatters.com a permanent royalty-free licence to publish the work on the site. This also covers inclusion of the work in online databases, news services and search archives.

6) Submissions must truly be original (e.g., they must not have appeared in any format online or offline in any forum prior to submission). In addition, guest bloggers agree that their submission is offered on an exclusive basis for two weeks following first publication on www.spendmatters.com. Guest bloggers shall then be entitled to publish the work elsewhere after this period.

7) The Contributor warrants that all work submitted is entirely their own work.

8) Submission of any work by the guest bloggers signifies their acceptance of the terms of this policy as stated above in the previous seven points.

I look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a line with your submission or with questions: jbusch@spendmatters.com

Jason Busch

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