The CPO's Summit Enters Its Second Year

I did not make it to The CPO's Summit last week. After what I would describe in Fox-News parlance as "fair and unbiased" coverage of Aberdeen on Spend Matters earlier this year, I was most likely on Jamie Bedard's do-not-invite list (or at least the do-not-comp list). Alas, it looks like I probably missed a good show -- far better than the debacle that was Procurecon this year (or at least that's what I've heard from a number of attendees who thought the event was a complete waste of time and money). In any event, and on a far more important note, Purchasing did a decent job covering the play-by-play at The CPO's Summit this year. You can read a few articles on their site with dispatches from the affair here and here. I commend Aberdeen and Purchasing for continuing to commit the time and effort required to put on such an affair -- especially as other conferences in the sector appear that they're beginning overgrow their usefulness. If you went to The CPO's Summit, I'd love to hear your feedback on it in the comments section (or you can email me a guest blog for publication on these virtual pages if you'd like).

Jason Busch

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