Add Polonium to the Commodity Shortage List

On top of the shortage of resins, copper and other key commodities in recent months, we can now add Polonium. Since the Russian secret service has adopted it as its preferred assignation vehicle due to its relative ease of transportation and long half-life (over 4 months) relative to other radioactive isotopes, you can bet the others will not be far behind. If you're thinking about investing in Polonium futures, you better think again. Venezeula, Iran, and North Korea have locked up supply for the next ten years. Given that annual production can be measured in grams, we're all out of luck, in fact. Alas, the commodity crisis continues ...

This post is satire. Don't take it seriously. But if you're doing business in or sourcing from Russia, you should not ignore their international silencing and scare tactics. Regardless of what is eventually discovered in the unfortunate death of Alexander Litvinenko, it is clear that Vladimir Putin is taking Russia down a path that is more restrictive than even China when it comes to halting the free trade of ideas. Alas, when dissension flows as freely as Vodka in Moscow, we'll all be better off.

Jason Busch

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