Spend Management Program Marketing Tips From a Legend

Regardless of your political persuasion, it's hard to not admire the straight-talking, highly influential style that Ronald Reagan carried with him throughout his Presidency. From his one-liners to his longer disquisitions on capitalism and democracy, comparing Reagan's speaking ability to that of the current US President is like comparing the acceleration and handling characteristics of a toddler's bicycle to a Ferrari -- there's simply no basis of comparison, yet alone a basic yardstick for measurement. The point behind this little ode to The Gipper's rhetorical skills is to direct your attention to a great post over on Sand Hill's Blog that talks about what software and services marketing executives can learn from the legend himself.

But I'd argue that the advice is universal for anyone needing to sell an idea, especially sourcing and supply chain practitioners that need to market their activities and programs to drive support and results. In the Spend Management world over the years, I've observed that the practitioners who succeed the most tend to be those who spend as much time selling their programs as implementing them. So if you'd like to improve your organization's marketing and selling skills by applying Reagan's influencing approaches, take a minute to read the above linked post. You won't be sorry.

Jason Busch

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