The EIPP Plonk Factor: Amex Buys Harbor

So it turns out the rumored Amex acquisition of Harbor Payments is no longer speculation. Check out the full story over on Supply and Demand Chain Executive. Lest anyone think that Amex is out to dominate the Spend Management space with this move and its recent investment and deal with Rearden, we should remember that the financial services giant has a past history of dabbling in the sector without putting its Centurion Card on the table. But might things be changing over at Amex? Perhaps their P-Card Spend Management spending limit has been permanently increased. Stay tuned in the coming weeks at Spend Matters as we dig into American Express' broader Spend Management strategy and examine whether it's made of cheap plastic -- or maybe some more exotic metal. After all, it's all about the plonk factor.

Jason Busch

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