Consolidation Continues! Supply Chain Consulting Acquires Viewlocity

In a sign that vendor consolidation in the Spend Management and supply chain market shows no sign of abating, Supply Chain Consulting, an integration and advisory shop, acquired Viewlocity earlier this week. Not well known in North America or Europe, Supply Chain Consulting is a rapidly growing SAP integrator in Asia Pac. Viewlocity, a software provider, has tried for years to create differentiation in the crowded space of supply chain collaboration and visibility. Their solutions touch on the Spend Management world by getting into supply chain design and supplier performance management.

Based on personal experience and years of consulting to both vendors and service providers in this market, I'd say that there will be an organizational challenge for both companies as they attempt to reconcile the conflict of the billable hour with higher margin software sales. In my book, it's a rare commercial organization that knows how to sell and manage both effectively.

Jason Busch

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