A Hard Rock Pow-Wow

Even though I'm a fervent free trader, I will admit that even the American brand of capitalism is unique -- and not without flaws. Consider the unchecked rise and acceptance of financially well-intentioned social programs which are in fact highly subjective and discriminatory in nature. For example, we have a great history in this country of selecting certain demographics and ethnic groups over others for special treatment. But the "fairness" argument over affirmative action -- including government mandated diversity sourcing -- always breaks down when you bring up such groups as Jews (or Asians), who have received zilch over the years in personalized social programs and dole-outs. Why? Consider how Jews have faced significant discrimination in America over the years (as an example consider the discrimination that lasted throughout much of this century in Harvard's admissions policies), but how they never received special treatment, despite the overt roadblocks society put up for them.

Perhaps the worst example of flagrant, subjective government supported dole-outs is the Indian-tribe gambling license set-aside. Evidently, the tribes have been doing quite well, reinvesting their profits and minding their bottom line, as one now has the money to purchase The Hard Rock Café. If you're interested in a global take on the US Indian gambling phenomena and this recent acquisition, check out a view from the UK’s Independent on the matter and decide for yourself whether or not such absurd -- at least in my book -- policies make any sense at all. Personally, I think the invisible hand should move markets and trade -- not an artificial limb created by those who choose to selectively feel sorry for past societal behaviors.

Jason Busch

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