The Brits: Largely Ignoring Supply Chain Risk

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this scary story in Computer Weekly. According to a study 100 FTSE 250 organizations the article cites, there are major "questions about the readiness of the supply chain for a major business disruption [in the UK]. Only 45% of the firms questioned had comprehensive plans in place for a supply chain failure, and only 21% said they required all their suppliers to have business continuity plans in place." But London-based companies "were more likely to say they were very well prepared to manage failure in the supply chain than those outside London," interestingly enough.

In my view, given the fact the UK is isolated from other countries on all sides by bodies of water, supply risk preparedness should be of even greater concern for locally-based companies than it is for continental or US ones. And in today's world, with apologies to the great Lord Nelson, Naval supremacy is only one tactic that can be used to reduce global trading risk.

Jason Busch

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