Will The Feds Ever Get Procurement Right?

Despite small baby steps in the direction of progress that Federal agencies and departments have made in sourcing and procurement in recent years, tremendous opportunity remains to bring private sector Spend Management practices into the Federal government. Over on FCW.com, I found a short article that highlights some of the findings of a research study by Government Futures noting that "three commercial procurement practices" could save our government billions. What are they? Web-based procurement, strategic sourcing, and aggregate buying.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that the current administration and pre-Democrat controlled Congress cared about as much about introducing fiscal discipline as my wonderful Chicago Mayor Daley has ever cared about hiring city workers based on merit and skills -- rather than Irish / Italian political connections and donations and affirmative action dole outs to inner city blacks and hispanics. But I have little hopes that the new Democrats in Congress will be any better when it comes to fiscal prudence and not only reducing the size of government, but making private sector Spend Management practices standard. However, I always hold out the prospect that the Dems will get it right (unlike the recent wave of big government, free spending Republicans). Come on Obama -- despite your historical big spending leanings -- prove me wrong!

Jason Busch

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