E-Sourcing Forum's Predictions for 2007

If you've not already checked out David Bush's predictions for 2007 over on E-Sourcing Forum, I'd suggest giving them a cursory glance. A number are concepts and themes that I've talked about on these virtual pages for quite sometime, while others are not. From a technology / vendor perspective, one which I would agree with is David's concept of the "triple crown of supply management" which he describes as Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management. David predicts that "aside from some obvious projected acquisitions, there should be more stand alone solutions banding together to compete against broad suites. These will come in the form of announced (and unannounced) alliances and cross-selling." Fascinating stuff, David. I await these deals, especially considering that most of the sourcing-driven suite vendors have quite average contract management capabilities relative to some of the best of breed offerings, at least in my book.

Jason Busch

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