Hey, Congressional Big Spenders …

... I've got some advice for you. And that's if you value saving tax payers money and letting Federal dollars go further than your left-wing leadership cares to, it will be critical to let the Office of Management and Budget to continue to engage in active debate and analysis over what jobs are best to keep on the Federal payrolls and those which are not. But from the headlines in DC rags of late it looks like you've made up your mind already. That's unfortunate. In the past three years, competitive sourcing and analysis projects conducted under the OMB's leadership have identified savings opportunities which could top $5 billion in the next decade.

But the days of competition and Federal strategic sourcing could be over. According to the Federal Times, "In 2007, agencies could see more restrictions on competitive sourcing, such as the exclusion of employee benefits costs from consideration in job competitions or caps on what the government can spend on competitions." And according to the Paul Denett, procurement policy administrator for the Office of Management and Budget, "These actions, which have been used in the past to impede outsourcing, will cost the government significant savings in the long run ... Can you imagine [Congress] saying in some instances they're prohibiting us from using best value when we're trying to decide who the winner is ... To me this is unconscionable."

It looks like the major Democratic contributors (i.e., unions) are getting their money's worth out of their dole outs. The non-partisan article continues: "Looking forward to 2007, the [major Federal] union is hopeful Democrats will put the brakes on the competitions it says threaten federal jobs and the quality of government work."

Let's pause for a moment and think about that last point: threaten federal jobs and the quality of government work? Where do we live, the EU? And don't think for a minute that Federal jobs necessarily pay less than the private sector (in addition to the cushy benefits). If you have any doubt, check out this article in CNN that compares private and Federal wages. Alas, now I realize that despite my strong criticism of the Bush administration when it comes to Spend Management practices on this blog over the years, that the left wing of the congressional Democrats is an order of magnitude worse both philosophically and in practice when it comes to stretching tax dollars and setting an example of smart spending.

Jason Busch

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