Curbing Federal Spending (and Stopping Global Warming)

Jeff Nolan, who for years has authored the excellent blog Venture Chronicles, penned a short piece earlier in the month that captures the irony of global warming given the crop and citrus crop freeze in California. Specifically, Jeff suggests that it's ironic that Nancy Pelosi announced a "House panel with no legislative authority to study global warming in the same week a record freeze in her home state wipes out the citrus crop to the tune of $1 billion in losses." But more important, I agree with Jeff that "considering that members of Congress logged 3,400 trips on private jets last year alone, Pelosi should have convened a panel on the impact of Congress' global travel and junkets habit and the potential reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions from just flying commercial like the people they are supposed to be serving."

It's not like Jeff's suggestion would ever happen given Congress' everlasting self-indulgent streak that transcends partisan politics. But if it did, it would certainly be Federal Spend Management in practice -- good for the pocketbook, and good for the environment. But alas, regardless if it's a Democratic of Republican administration in control of Congress, I doubt we'll see much progress towards smarter spending given DC's insatiable urge to take out the proverbial Visa and pay interest to the Chinese (and other large holders of US debt).

Jason Busch

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