Will There be a "Pro to Know" Non-Vendor Blogger this year?

Since I've not been contacted by Supply and Demand Chain Executive's Andrew Reece and his compatriots yet, I assume that I will not be in their "Pro's to Know" list this year (they listed me last year, and I was nominated this year). That's fine. No hard feelings on my part. But I sincerely hope that another blogger -- especially one who sits in a market neutral, non-vendor seat -- such as Michael Lamoureux is picked. Without question, bloggers are playing an increasing role in influencing the future direction of the procurement and supply chain market. From analyzing general market trends with great frequency and detail to advising practitioners on vendor selection, we've come an amazingly long way as a group, even in just the past year. Supply and Demand Chain Executive should recognize this. If they don't, it will hurt their credibility as an objective grader and measure of talent and influence in this sector.

As an aside, I've toyed with the idea of doing a similar award concept on Spend Matters, albeit with a sense of humor involved and no commercial side to it. Perhaps a "hot or not" list might be a good approach to model. Heck, I might even be able to convince The Spend Fool to join as an honorary judge and master of ceremonies. Thoughts?

Jason Busch

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