CostCents Joins the Blogosphere

Finally, I've come across another blog with a double entendre in its title! Looks like the guys at aPriori thought long and hard before launching their new blog, CostCents. If you've been following Spend Matters on the weekends of late, you'll immediately recognize the style of one of its primary contributors, Eric Hiller. But if you've tuned out on the weekends here, no worries -- I'm sure the guys from aPriori will be repeating and elaborating on the topics they've already introduced on these virtual pages. Besides being a true engineer -- I won't hold that against him --Eric has a great gift for story telling. I love how he sets the backdrop for the rise -- or should I say the return -- of cost management as a late twentieth century phenomena.

Eric writes in a recent entry: "The early Twentieth Century was very much about cost, as mass production techniques like the assembly line enabled the ordinary consumer to afford an array of products like automobiles which previously were the exclusive toys of the rich. It was a win for businesses both in terms of cost and revenue. The falling costs could allow manufactures to maintain the same profit at much lower prices. This, in turn had tremendous effects on revenue, as multitudes of new consumers entered the markets overnight. The Great Depression put even more focus on cost and slowed the growth of revenue. But, then came World War II ... Cost became much less important, relative to revenue, after WW II. With the main competitive economies of Great Britain, Germany, and Japan in rubbles (literally and figuratively), the world market became a land grab for US manufacturers who now had tremendous excess capacity from the war. American goods dominated the free world and revenue was king."

Great stuff, Eric. Keep it up. And even though titles are always a superficial thing, I got a good chuckle out of what you and Carsten came up with to name your corner of the RSS world.

Jason Busch

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