A Sponsor Slot is Opening in April

This is a quick announcement to let Spend Matters readers know that one sponsor slot will be opening up in April. Just as in the past, I am limiting the number of Spend Matters sponsors to four. While I'm happy to chat with potential sponsors offline and provide more details, I'll share the high level pitch here. First, Spend Matters is the most trafficked blog in the sourcing, procurement, and supply chain world (I can give specific details to those who are interested, but our recent unique visitor count puts us in the same league as trade pubs or greater). Second, our growth continues every month, and our recent numbers and volume peeks have amazed even me (especially when you factor in those reading SM via RSS readers as well). Third, Spend Matters has been joined by other excellent blogs in the sector, proving that the medium's future is very bright indeed. Interested in learning more and joining the blog revolution? Drop me a line: jbusch [at] spendmatters [dot] com. My guess is that the open spot will not last for long.

Jason Busch

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