China RoHS is For Real

During a recent podcast, Tim Minahan and I tackled the rise of sustainable procurement as a top issue for executives in the coming years. As part of our discussion, we examined the rise of China RoHS. Now, Purchasing has tackled the issue in far more depth, publishing a useful survey piece that examines RoHS both in China and Europe (and the differences). Personally, I find it a bit odd that China, a nation whose countryside outside of its capital city, Beijing, is largely stained light brown / grey because of pollution, would be the first to implement such strict environmental controls on electronics. After all, you'd never think that a country with a history of not giving a fig -- or would that be a grain of rice -- about the environment would take such a serious plunge before others. But regardless, China's aggressive stance on reducing pollutants from electronics marks a transformation in policy and thinking both regionally and globally. And we should all educate ourselves on it.

Jason Busch

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