Aberdeen Cranks Up Their Supply Risk and Performance Research

While many readers of Spend Matters would probably think that Mark Hillman was the first analyst to cover supply risk aggressively, it turns out that Tim Minahan, back during his tenure at Aberdeen, was actually the initial analyst to cover the sector. His original Supply Risk Management Benchmark study was the first piece of critical industry analyst research in the area. But for nearly two years following the publication of this study, Aberdeen did very little in the sector (perhaps due to Tim's early interest in the area, ahead of the crowd). Now, Vance Checketts and his team are once again looking carefully at supply risk. They recently started the research phase of a supply risk and performance benchmark study. Spend Matters readers can participate and access a private version of the research survey (this will allow us to get a Spend Matters cut of the data to see how it compares to the larger sample). I'd strongly encourage all Spend Matters readers on the practitioner side to fill out the survey and to see how they stack up relative to their peers. And kudos to Aberdeen for once again covering such a critical area in the Spend Management realm.

Jason Busch

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