Do Forrester's Sourcing and Procurement Growth Numbers Make Sense?

I must say, I take issue -- based on dozens of recent user interviews and consulting activities -- with some of the forecast growth rates in Forrester's recent Spend Management technology growth forecasts. Over on Strategic Sourcing Europe you can read some of the highlights of the report. According to Jean-Philippe Massin, Forrester notes growth as low as 3-6% in the coming years for e-sourcing and e-procurement. On a global basis, I'd disagree with these forecasts, especially considering the upcoming investments I see many companies debating right now which involve getting their procurement systems to work more effectively (e.g., in such areas as supplier enablement), not to mention the dollars being spent in advanced sourcing areas (which often blend software and services) for more complex spend categories. Nevertheless, check out Jean-Philippe's post and decide for yourself whether Forrester's numbers make sense.

Jason Busch

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