I'm Headed to AMR's Supply Chain Exchange Later this Week

Later this week, I'm headed to Boston for AMR's Supply Chain Exchange, a conference aimed at both software and services providers. In recent years, AMR has continued to differentiate itself as a leader in the manufacturing and supply chain technology research worlds. And as I've said before, Mickey North Rizza and Mark Hillman have done a great job picking up the torch that Pierre Mitchell had lit in his earlier years at the firm.

But AMR still needs to work on the perception that its analysts and expertise are challenging to access (even for clients). This is a complaint that I've heard from at least a few sources in the vendor world recently. I suppose success has its consequences given the limited capacity of analysts -- and any individual, for that matter -- to meet a booming need. Still, despite this criticism, I personally find AMR to be one of the strongest and influential analyst firms out there -- far more useful and in the business trenches than the other large (and often IT focused) research names. And they're doing great in the Spend Management world, specifically, from a coverage and insight standpoint.

If you're going to make it on Wednesday night or Thursday to the AMR event, drop me a line. I'd love to hear who else is going to be there as well. And check back on Spend Matters next week if you'd like to hear some of the highlights from the event. I'll plan to share some of my insights and thoughts as I cover the event on these virtual pages.

Jason Busch

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