Not Making the Gartner "Short List"

A couple weeks back, Provade's Dan Roehrs submitted a comment which I thought was important enough to reprint in a main entry. Here is his comment:

Jason, in your post you said, "Given the rising importance of supply risk management to helping companies across industries improve their operational capabilities, I would hope that Forrester, Gartner and other firms invest resources in covering the area as well. But at this point, they have no business giving advice in it, at least until they begin their research coverage."

Well it's happening. Today, I got a note from a prospective company that stated that Gartner stated that we were not one of the companies that was recommended he talk to. While I completely understand why Gartner has not heard much about our small company, I was shocked to hear of someone actually putting stock in the likes of Gartner for guidance and coaching in such a niche area of the SRM functional area. I would agree that before Tim "came into our darkside of the software universe", Aberdeen was about the only firm with any kind of respectable coverage in this space.

If I was Gartner, I wouldn't recommend us either; "Let's see, I've got all these providers paying me money versus a provider that's not.... hum.... No, I don't think this one's worth the time".

Thank God there are blogs and independant sources of truth out there. Otherwise, there would be no hope for a small company or niche player to make a living. At least the rest of our F100 clients are happy not to put stock in Gartner's lack of recommendation.

Dan, thanks for submitting your thoughts. As I said in a post yesterday, I do not believe that all of the analysts are deep enough in the sector to be making highly informed vendor selection recommendations. And this is especially true in niche technology / services areas within Spend Management.

Jason Busch

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