Sourcing Innovation: Your $$$ Is Good Here

If you have not already read the news on Michael's blog, Sourcing Innovation has embarked on building a Spend Matters-esque revenue model to help support its operations. Given the growth of Sourcing Innovation in the past six months and the booming interest in blogs in general, it makes complete sense to me that Michael can take out the virtual tin cup, shaking it in the general direction of possible sponsors. Not only does Michael offer an unbiased third-party perspective, but he knows how to crank out the content. But unfortunately, unlike Charles Dickens, he's not getting paid by the word.

According to the announcement, "Sourcing Innovation will be making available four lead sponsorships. Sponsors will get their logo prominently displayed on the blog, access to a new sponsor advisory program, one introductory sponsor post, and then one interview or (blogger) commentary post per quarter (subject matter at blogger's discretion)." I strongly endorse Michael's move into the 'paid' world to support his efforts. And there's no sense in starting from scratch when there's already a basic blueprint out there working for another blogger.

On a personal note, I'm often asked how I keep up with Spend Matters. Many think it's a full time job for me rather than a side business (or would that be an obsession). I tell them that even though I only give it a portion of my time each week, I treat it as a business. Deadlines are deadlines (whether they're blog or project related). In summary, only by treating a blog like a business is it possible to commit the time to it that is necessary to make it worthwhile for everyone involved -- most important, the readers. For more on my obsession, see also "Why I blog".

Jason Busch

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