MSFT and Vista — Iasta Chimes in

My Vista and Office 2007 woes were front page news in the tech blogging world last week. The two minutes of fame almost made the hassle worth it. Well, maybe not, but at least I was hopefully able to convince others not to go down the same aggresive adoption path that I did. But more important, I'm not alone in wasting countless hours trying to get Microsoft's latest OS and application suite to work properly. Software providers in the Spend Management world piss away scores of development and Q/A cycles simply making sure that their products will be compatible with Redmond's latest (NB: I won't tack on "and greatest" to the end of that statement).

Over on E-Sourcing Forum, Iasta's David Bush writes "In the past, we have had to spend weeks of development to fix things that used to work, but magically stopped working for no reason, when a critical update or SP was released. For example, an IE6 hotfix release caused us to spend multiple days getting our Print Screen functionality to work again, after it had worked flawlessly for 4 years ... Jumping to Vista will likely cause problems for at least some of your other legacy corporate applications. Most large corporations that we talk with everyday are rightly taking a cautious wait-and-see approach by validating the new OS with their applications and at least waiting for SP1s of both Vista and Office 2007." Now that's advice that I should have taken as well!

Jason Busch

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