Self Help eBooks vs. the Real Thing

Despite Tim Minahan's lack of vendor marketing credentials when he joined Procuri, he's more than made up for his lost marketing years with creative and useful lead generation ideas that trump those of experienced marketing hands (the RFP download was ingenious). Now, he's up to it again with an eBook titled Top Supply Tips which brings together an assortment of tips which can be read in less time than it take to create an RFQ (much less time, in fact). To call it a book is an overstatement -- it's really a collection of Deepak Chopra-help like self-help statements for procurement.

Still, it's worth the download (even if simple advice, when taken out of context, without explanation, is often forgotten as quickly as the pages of a rip-away self-help calendar are). So in short, Tim's little ploy is like a ten-step plan -- which even comes complete with an online support group. Innocuous, ingenious and fun -- like a commercial book on tape from a famous professor. But not comparable to going to a class, let alone enrolling in a degree program.

Enough of my rant. If you're really interested in learning how to take your Spend Management programs to the next level and are looking for a great book on the subject, check out Doug Smock's new tome, On Demand Supply Management. You can't read it in ten minutes -- that's not the point (as I think you'll gather from my perspective). More important, I look forward to reviewing Doug's book in detail on Spend Matters in the coming weeks.

Jason Busch

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