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Supply and Demand Chain Executive just released their "Pros to Know" list for 2007. I'm pleased to report that a number of bloggers are on the list. Michael Lamoureux has the full scoop over on Sourcing Innovation on the news, so I won't rehash his post in detail. In summary, some of the better known bloggers who received the award include David Bush, Tim Minahan, Dave Stephens and Charles Dominick (Andy Reece also lowered his standards by including me with this illustrous RSS crowd). But guys, one piece of advice -- please limit the press releases on this, OK? So much virtual space is wasted on PR Newswire announcing the winners of this thing when we could all be discussing real topics and issues.

OK, I'll get down from the virtual soapbox. My congratulations go out to all the blogger winners (especially David, who started blogging when no one in the procurement and operations world knew what RSS was). On the analyst side of the house, the entire Aberdeen supply management team was honored. AMR was conspicuously absent, however, which is a shame. That's because Mickey North Rizza and Mark Hillman are probably the two most influential analysts in the sector over many supply chain, risk management and procurement deals at the moment. And both know their stuff inside and out. Alas, awards are just awards -- they represent a snap shot of who was nominated and the judges’ thinking at a point in time. But next year, let's hope they’re on the list, too.

Jason Busch

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