A Spend Matters Update

If anyone's curious about www.spendmatters.com traffic numbers, I've intentionally kept it quiet on the main page in recent months, preferring not to call attention to it. But I've gotten enough questions recently to break with the silence in a post. Currently, we're into the thousands of unique visitors and page views per day (in some cases, very well into it, depending on the day and who we've happened to annoy or incite). We recently topped 4,000 unique daily visitors during one spike.

But these types of inward facing traffic numbers are really useless. To be fair, you need to compare blogs to other related sites to understand reach. Alexa has us currently ranked about 3-8x higher than the other blogs in the sector from a reach perspective and in the same league as the trade publications for traffic as of last Friday (334,873 in the past week and 542,399 in the past 3 months). Compare this to SDCEXEC which ranked 327,983 in the past week and 339,085 for the past 3 months and Purchasing.com who comes in at 331,638 and 205,079, respectively, and you get a sense or relative web-based reach. Technorati, which gauges blog popularity based on number and quality of links, ranks us the 27,500 most popular blog (as of yesterday). I'd caution everyone, however, that both Alexa and Technorati rankings are only directionally accurate at best. But at least they're third-party guides which should be more accurate that comparing different statistical log-file packages between sites. BTW: The SM stats are not counting RSS distribution, which significantly increases this little blog's reach, as well.

So what's the upshot, here? There's no doubt Spend Matters is reaching thousands of unique readers each and every day. But it's still tiny relative to what it could be. And more important, the other blogs in the sector are growing in popularity as well. Personally, I think the best available marketing bang for the buck these days in online procurement media is on Michael's blog, Sourcing Innovation. And in case anyone was wondering, I have no vested interest whatsoever in promoting his blog -- I just happen to like what he writes, and I believe he's giving far more time to it than the other bloggers in the sector. And his writing quality, frequency and depth give me a personal kick in the butt to up the ante here. We can all thank him for that! But most important, he's pouring his heart and soul into it -- and believe me, I know what that feels like.

Jason Busch

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