Better than the Blog … the Comments!

Spend Matters comment traffic has picked up quite a bit this year. In fact, there's between a few to a dozen plus new comments posted per day. Some are on new posts. Others are on old posts. If you're curious to see what readers are saying, I'd recommend checking out the comments section of the site which you can find by scrolling down on the right of the page.

I'd suggest visiting the comments section a couple times a day if you're interested in staying current with reader commentary (which is often more insightful than what I have to say). You can also find the comments under each post as well, but since the main page cycles through every three to four days, you won't be able to find them that way for long (unless you search by topic). If you're reading Spend Matters via a RSS reader, check back on the site frequently to see what your colleagues are saying. If you don't, you'll be missing out on the best part of this blog.

Jason Busch

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