Fused and Woven in Court: Oracle and SAP

In the battle for the stack -- and services support of the stack -- against SAP, Oracle is getting legal. According to Bloomberg, "Oracle Corp., the world's third-largest software company, sued competitor SAP AG claiming it illegally hacked into an Oracle Web site and stole data to offer 'cut-rate' support services for its products. The complaint ... accuses SAP of fraud and unfair competition, alleging the company stole thousands of Oracle's copyrighted software programs." While it appears that this suit has nothing to do with either vendor's procurement or supply chain products, it should be a signal to us all that legal courses of action are becoming more relevant in the software and Spend Management world.

Above all, practitioners should take extra precautions to insure that a successful suit against a provider does not jeopardize their continued use or deployment of a given application (or a third party maintenance or services contract). Regarding the suit, one expert in the Enterprise Irregulars remarked in a comment from an email list I'm on that after, "Doing a fast read of the complaint, it appears pretty damning and looks like Oracle did its homework. It also appears pretty stupid considering the magnitude of stuff that allegedly was downloaded over a short period of time. One would like to think that if true it was done by a few renegade types but you never know."

Jason Busch

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