Welcome Back Tradex! And Some Personal News …

This morning, Ariba's Karen Master woke me up at 4:00 AM to pre-brief me on the most exciting news to come out of Sunnyvale in years. This was the voice of someone who had clearly pulled a few all nighters preparing for a massive announcement. Karen asked me to wait to Monday for the PR Newswire announcement at 8:15 EST, but I simply could not hold back any longer. So here goes with the news: Ariba is bringing back the Tradex platform. "The much loved piece of Marketplace plumbing was collecting too much dust," remarked Master. So “we had to bring it back, to meet the needs of our global customers." Daniel Aegerter and Jared Rodriguez, the founders of Tradex, who made out "like absolute bandits" according to one former Ariba executive now sitting on his own beach, will be coming out of retirement to run the operating unit. Mark Hoffman will serve as an advisor as well.

But what is the biggest news of all? Yours truly has been hired by Ariba with the title of "Tradex Evangelist". My goal will be to convince companies why they should trade paperclips online with the ultimate goal of cashing out their private exchanges, making billions from IPO proceeds. I've been armed with a massive expense account and a trusty HP calculator to model how much the returns will be (and there's a rumor that I'll even get a few babes -- or cookies, as some call them -- to travel around with me as I jet to exotic locales to spread the marketplace gospel). Wish me luck. Because after all, spend does not always matter ...

In related news, Vinnie Mirchandani has decided to join SAP and will "lead a team focused on training account executives to dramatically reduce discount offers to CIOs." Congrats, Vinnie!

Jason Busch

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