The Need for Contextual Intelligence, not Information Overload

Recently, along with David Bush and others, I've been testing a beta version of a new news services offered by Reuters. Billed as "Reuters Insight", the online news and content service is designed to provide global insight into economic, political, and other factors that can impact sourcing decisions and supply risk. So far, I concur with Dave that the services biggest contribution to my day is information overload -- not proactive intelligence. That's because there's a huge difference between proactive insight and push-based information.

Like other users, I do not want to get 100 news alerts in an email that takes 5 minutes to read once per day. I want to see only those headlines and pieces which are specifically important within the context of my activities. So my advice to Reuters is to keep up the Beta test and keep building the community aspect of the site. But think more about the proactive intelligence angle. Perhaps there is way to embed this capability on the desktop by monitoring a person's web and application activity and then pushing community information, intelligence and news alerts in a scroll bar or applet based on their activities. Now that would be true Spend Management intelligence, not information overload.

Jason Busch

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