Aberdeen's Spring Research Push

I've been heads down in project work recently and have not had the time to do a deep dive on the plethora of new studies to come out of Aberdeen in the past couple of weeks. From supplier performance and risk management to the CPO/CFO relationship to the payment market, Aberdeen has been quite busy of late. I look forward to covering some of these findings -- and offering my own analysis -- in the coming weeks, but until then, Michael Lamoureux has a couple of pithy summaries on his blog which are worth checking out.

I'm very excited to see that Vance and his team are busy examining areas like performance and risk management which are simply not covered enough today. Hopefully, this study in particular will pick up quite a bit of play in the market and spark companies to make the right set of investments before it's too late. You can find this and the other research I've mentioned on Aberdeen's site by clicking here.

Jason Busch

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