Some Folks Can't Get over the B2B Hangover

First, let me preface this post with a comment that there is nothing funny about drunk driving. Thousands of people die in the world each year from drunks who should not be on the road. This is a shame. However, I do find it a bit ironic that some folks can't get over the B2B hangover of the late nineties. According to the Los Gatos Observer, "Keith Krach, 50, a co-founder of Ariba and CEO for its first five years, was stopped in his Mercedes on E. Main St. and Fiesta Way, virtually in front of the Police station, at 1:05 a.m. by Officers Mario Carrizosa and Glenn Young. A field sobriety test was administered, and Mr. Krach was arrested and booked at Main Jail San Jose just before 3 a.m."

Jason Busch

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