You Guys are so Dense!

Since April Fools, I've gotten at least half a dozen congratulatory notes and calls about my decision to join Ariba. In the post, I joked about how the vendor was bringing back the much maligned Tradex platform and how I would serve as its chief evangelist. Guys, it's a joke. Neither piece of it is true. Besides, the level to which Ariba would have to lower their standards to pick me up is beneath even this virtual rag.

As an old college cigar and cognac buddy of mine who graduated dead last -- or close to it -- in his Wharton undergraduate class back remarked after leaving his alma matter to work as Lawrence Kudlow's chief economist lackey for a few years, "They barely let me out ... why would they ever let me back in." So after spending a few years analyzing equities and world economies for Wall Street's best dressed personality, he went to Oxford for his MBA instead.

But back to the subject at hand. I'd never compare writing a blog to being an Oxford Don, but five years at FreeMarkets was enough for me. And after writing Spend Matters, I think that I'm pretty much unemployable in the vendor world, anyway.

Jason Busch

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