"e"-Supply Alert: to eat own Sourcing Dog Food …

After years of profiling e-sourcing success stories in its pages, Purchasing -- or at least their parent organization, Reed Elsevier -- has finally decided to eat their own e-sourcing journalistic dog food. That is, Reed has signed a "multi-year agreement to use Iasta sourcing technology throughout its global business units [including Purchasing]". The selection of Iasta is substantial proof about the separation of church and state on the business and editorial sides of the publishing business at Reed and Purchasing (because unlike SAP and others who advertise extensively with Purchasing, Iasta does not maintain a big advertising profile with the trades, yet they still won out). One wonders if Reed Elsevier's centralized organization that made the decision consulted with their on-staff experts on which vendors to consider. Regardless, this is a good PR win for Iasta -- and good fodder for E-Sourcing Forum -- if nothing else.

Jason Busch

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