Applying Optimization to the Best Sport in the World

Call me biased, but I think baseball is the best sport in the world -- at least from a spectator perspective. There's nothing better than playing hooky on a beautiful summer afternoon in Chicago and watching the Cubs as they find creative and highly innovative ways to lose to teams with payrolls half the size. Like many other fans, I actually enjoy this, though I'm not exactly sure way. In fact, if you're in Chicago this summer, look me up if the forecast is good during the week and if there's a home game. If I can sneak out of the office, I'll buy the tickets if you buy the beer and the peanuts.

But there's a reason for this post besides extending an invitation to head to a game in the windy city. Fellow sourcing nut (and foodie) Paul Martyn recorded a fun little interview over on CombineNotes that highlights how The Sports Scheduling Group created an optimal schedule for major league baseball this year, taking into account travel, home stand length and competition. Great stuff, although I'm sure there's a conspiracy baked into it against my home town team.

Jason Busch

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