Two Weeks of ERP on Spend Matters!

Just when you thought that it was time to send the concrete trucks back to the plant to get more sludge for someone else's over-budget foundation, I've decided that it's an opportune moment to solidify this corner of the web universe by designating national RSS ERP week on Spend Matters. Actually, since I enjoy long implementations, I've actually decided to make it last for 2 weeks! So for the very latest SRM dirt on procurement and sourcing, check back early and often for the rest of April as I dig into ERP's impact on the Spend Management world. Next week, I'll be looking at ERP integration and supplier enablement as well as providing some context on what Oracle has been up to in general in the Spend Management world of late. And the following week, I'll be down at SAP Sapphire, writing live from their blogger's corner. Put on the flak jacket and get your SI implementation checks ready as Spend Matters unleashes itself on the world of ERP!

Jason Busch

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