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Despite SAP's very pro blogging perspective, you never know whether you're getting the company line or unbiased and unfiltered opinions when an executive from a vendor shares his views in a blog. But now that Shai Aggasi, SAP's former kid superstar, has left the German ERP giant, I suspect that we'll see some honest reflections in his new blog, The Long Tailpipe.

I liked some of Shai's perspectives in a recent post that attempts to answer the question: What is ERP? In this entry, Shai writes: "There is no doubt that ERP, which was a key differentiator for companies 10 years ago has become more context for some of the companies today, and for those who had bad implementations, even worse a costly commoditized set of processes (and if they picked a non-SAP product, a costly legacy set of processes). [But] for the companies that know how to use ERP as a strategic asset there is no doubt that a great SAP implementation is a core component of their differentiation." The hat-tip for this post goes to the Dennis Howlett, who tipped me off to Shai’s new blog in one of his asides.

Jason Busch

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