Admit One Blogger: SAP Sapphire

I'm headed to Atlanta this weekend to get ready for SAP Sapphire which kicks off on Monday. At Sapphire, I'll be joined by another dozen or so bloggers including my Azul Partners colleague Brian Sommer, who writes the blog Services Safari (when he decides to lower his standards, Brian also contributes Spend Matters from time-to-time). On a more important note, there are a number of areas I plan to dig into at Sapphire. In terms of my writings on this blog, do expect some general coverage of SAP happenings. But most important, I plan to dig into the latest with SAP's SRM products and ecosystem.

In the past year, SAP has done a great job embracing those in the blogosphere. While no one on the vendor side quite knows how to treat us yet -- I think we're also up in the air in terms of where we best fit, since "blogger relations" is not exactly a common title in marketing yet -- SAP has assigned a number of great resources to helping our cause and most important, is giving us access up and down the organization. One thing I can promise is that unlike the analysts and media -- who typically fight for scoops and angles at big events like this -- the blogging brethren will adopt a collective approach to covering the show. After all, we're all in this together. Even if we're still just a ragtag group of Enterprise Irregulars ...

Jason Busch

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