Synergy Kicks Off Next Tuesday

Next week, I'm looking forward to attending Corporate United's Synergy event in downtown Chicago. This year's event promises a bunch of keynotes from seasoned industry gurus including Dave Nelson (rumor has it his presentation is a bit politically incorrect -- bring it on, I say!), Theresa Metty, Thomas Stallkamp, Jim Kelly and Patricia Moody. I'm also speaking on Thursday as well. And I've promised to avoid all mention of technology in favor of procurement topics that get past the code level .

I spoke to Corporate United's Keven Gray a couple of days ago, and as of then, there were still a few free seats left (reserved for practitioners, however). So if you're looking to learn from the pros -- and lower your standards a bit, if you listen in on my spiel -- then I strongly encourage you to join me next week at Synergy in Chicago. I might add that it's an intimate affair (just over a 100 attendees are registered) unlike ISM and other events. And more important, the networking is second to none. Last year, I must have made half a dozen connections that have proved invaluable, despite a smaller number of attendees. And if that's not the measure of a conference, then what is?

Jason Busch

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