Enough Software Already!

Man, I'm tired about writing of software vendor comings, goings and happenings. But it's that time of year, so even though I'd much rather hurl forth on trade, economics, and other related aspects of procurement, I feel an obligation to the sector to cover the latest on the software front, especially considering that the industry analysts have only limited bandwidth dedicated to digging into software in their writings (remember, on the analyst side, it's what they say, not what they write, that is usually most valuable).

But I'll make you a promise. After conference season is over in May, I will greatly cut back on software discussion for at least a month, choosing to bring the conversation up a level to the business, process, category and economic issues that really matter. If I mention Ariba, Emptoris, SAP or anyone else for that matter on a regular basis throughout June, you have the permission to not only call me on it, but tell me that I should get a life outside of code. Do we have a deal?

I agree we need to up the conversation beyond software. Just give me a few more weeks to keep covering the technical side of Spend Management before we up our standards around here, if only for part of the summer. After all, I know I'll ultimately regress back to my software roots (it's that giant sucking sound, you know 😉

Jason Busch

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